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Episode 27 - Scott Grow
Episode 27 - Scott Grow
February 06, 2021

In this episode we hear from Scott Grow, a process oriented, multidisciplinary artist. Scott's work is an ongoing exploration of materials, form, space, light, and color. Process drives the aesthetic decisions and form of his work. The uncertainty within the process of creating a work, the journey, is what compels the artist to create. Scott strives to create experiential encounters within his work that offers an opportunity for contemplation and discovery. He received his BFA in painting and printmaking from the Herron School of Art and earned his MFA in Studio Art from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. He has exhibited his work both nationally and abroad and currently maintains a studio practice in Indianapolis, Indiana.

Songs in this episode:
(Opening: Materia Primoris: The X-Files Theme (Main Title), by Mark Snow)
1. Gymnopédie No.1, by Eric Satie
2. Interstellar Overdrive, by Pink Floyd
3. Five Years, by David Bowie
4. Moonlight Serenade, by Glenn Miller
5. After Hours, by Velvet Underground
6. Tomorrow, Wendy, by Concrete Blond
7. Mister Lonely, by Bobby Vinton
8. Sleepwalk, by Santo and Johnny
9. Sitting on the Dock of the Bay, by Otis Redding
10. Into the Mystic, by Van Morrison
11. What a Wonderful World, by Louis Armstong