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Short Fiction
NEW! My Role in the Extinction of the Moon Marmots (Space Squid)
Gift of the Brabblefly (Space Squid)
The Nirgrantha (Swamp Ape Review)
Bean There (Grey Sparrow Journal)
Muddy Waters (The Big Windows Review)
Gee! Money! (The Showbear Family Circus)

Select Articles and Essays
Since becoming an arts journalist in 2009, I've had the good fortune of seeing about 900 of the articles and essays I've written about visual art and its related fields published in various magazines and books. Here are links to some of those publications.

The Politics of Contemporary Abstraction: A Conversation with Clare Rojas and Jeffrey Gibson

Michigan Quarterly Review
Natural Tendencies: A Studio Visit with Sculptor Richard Hunt

Carl Pope Returns From Hiatus
Fiberglass Beasts of the Wisconsin Wild
Judy Ledgerwood on Finding Pattern and Decoration in Everyday Life
Jeffrey Gibson's Garments Confound Cultural Assumptions
For Gerald Williams, a Co-Founder of AfriCOBRA, Transnational Black Aesthetics Are as Relevant as Ever
Beverly Fishman: Chemical Sublime

Becoming Each Other: Why We Need Riva Lehrer's "Golem Girl" Right Now
Alfred Conteh—The Atlanta Artist Painting Black Reality
Magic Carpet/Home—a Milestone of Social Practice Art
About Face: Stonewall, Revolt and New Queer Art
Picturing Our Possible Futures
Michael Rakowitz: The Accidental Activist
One City’s Trash: Artists in Residency at the San Francisco Dump
Art for Earth's Sake: Jackie Brookner's Biosculptures
Breaking Out of the Box with Beverly Naidus
Positive Outlook: Art and HIV
The Art of School Lunch
Tender Brutalities: Paintings and Installations by Ran Ortner
Alison Wilder’s Earnest Proposal for Material Androgyny
Between Heaven and Earth: A Brushstroke by Barbara Bash
Art from My Kishkes, from My Soul
Unlimited Abundance: The Art of Lanell Dike
Darkness and Light: The Drawings of Helena Tiainen
Beast’s Burden: Paintings by Christopher Reiger
Mona Caron’s Utopian San Francisco
Breaking the Trance: The Culture-Jams of Beverly Naidus
Color Theory: The Most High Art of Peter Lewis
Evelyn Williams: Love Actualized
Emergent/Submergent: The World of Kim Keever
Nothing Is Wasted: The Art of Aurora Robson
The New Saints

Western Humanities Review
Review of Bitterroot by Susan Devan Harness
Look to the Sea: The Water Paintings of Young-Il Ahn
Review of Amateur by Thomas Page McBee

Sweet Talk with Lori Miles

New Art Examiner
COVID-19 vs. The Art Field
Untitled Ninth Piece: An Elegy to Lawrence Steger
Tube Factory Artspace and Big Car’s Success Secret
Different Entry Points to Art in the Public Realm
Judy Ledgerwood Review
The Future of Chicago Public Art Forms

Art Media Agency
An Evolving Legacy: Fine Art Asia

Exhibition Catalogues
Alfred Conteh: The Sweet Spot (essay)
Richard Hunt: Synthesis (photographs)
Jeremy Annear: Proof of Nature (essay)
Lee Kyong: Color as Adjective (essay)

God Save the Clown! The Masquerade of Boris Johnson, Brexit, and the Arts
Inside the Reichstag, Gerhard Richter's Birkenau Tells of the Holocaust Horrors
Diversity is Key to the Future of American Abstract Artists
A Revolutionary Painter – An Interview with Olivier Mosset
Abstract Art - Differentiating Brexit Supporters from the Opposers?
4 Books on Abstract Art Worth Reading Right Now
Whitney Celebrates the 1960s Color Paintings in a New Exhibition
Get Hypnotized by Bridget Riley at the National Galleries of Scotland
Prisons, Conduits, and Cells: An Interview with Peter Halley
A Century-Long History of Abstract Hanging Sculpture
James McNeill Whistler's Nocturne in Black and Gold – The Falling Rocket
What The Section d'Or Exhibition Meant for Cubism
The Knave - Jack of Diamonds and the Russian Avant-Garde
Divisionism and Its Influence on Color in Art
Why We Should Pay Attention to Hungarian Artist Ilona Keseru
Robert Morris - An Artist and Sculptor Like No Other
The Story Behind Kandinsky's Composition VII
The Science of Color and The Way it Captivated Artists
Agostino Bonalumi's Creative Path Through the Polyhedral
Most Notable Representatives of African Fabric Art at Sean Kelly
The Importance of Anni Albers' Textiles. At Tate Modern

Interview with Lee Kyong
Pat Passlof - Six Decades of Important Art
Otto Freundlich - A Revelation of Abstraction
Lee Seung Jio and The Origin of Nucleus
José Parlá's Abstract Love Letter To New York City
Abstraction is in the Physical - Jules Olitski
Art Beyond Mexican Muralism - Manuel Felguérez Barra
The Art of Christo and Jeanne-Claude, Monumental in Every Way
Centre Pompidou Celebrates Henri Matisse’s 150th Birthday
On Abstract Illusionism - Taking Reality Out Of Illusion
Semiabstractions with a Soul - The Legacy of Zarina Hashmi
Alice Trumbull Mason, Pioneer of American Abstraction
Callum Innes' Painting and Unpainting
Farewell to Siri Berg
Charlotte Park, An Abstract Artist To Know
When Romare Bearden Went Abstract
The Unpredictable, Nature-Inspired Abstractions of Vivian Suter
How JMW Turner Influenced Abstract Art
Inside Donald Judd's MoMA Blockbuster
The Content and Emotion in the Art of Grace Hartigan
How Sonya Rapoport Used Abstraction to Pioneer Computer Art
How Piero Dorazio Brought Abstraction to Italy
Light, Space and Abstraction in the Work of Santiago Calatrava
7 Times Abstract Art and Artists Were Featured on US Stamps
Henry Moore's Atom Piece
Remembering Emilio Vedova, a leader of Arte Informale
Finding Contemporary Insights in the Art of Leon Polk Smith
The Most Important Collection of Latin American Abstract Art Opens at MoMA
Abstraction and Arte Povera Through The Spirit of Giuseppe Penone’s Lymph Matrix
Can MIT's Latest Blackest Black End an Artist Feud?
Female Abstract Artists Finally Get in The Much-Overdue Spotlight
A World of Beauty, Science and Visual Delights-Takis On Tour
Behind the Scenes of Maison Matisse, Soon To Be Opened in Paris
Sennelier – Art and Invention in One of the Oldest Art Supply Stores in Europe
Hans Hartung's Triumphant Return to Paris, Courtesy MAM
A Word on the 100 Untitled Works in Mill Aluminum by Donald Judd
Remembering Palestinian Abstract Artist Kamal Boullata
Bernar Venet's Arc Majeur To Become World's Tallest Work of Public Art
The Splendor of Alberto Burri's Grand Cretto of Gibellina
The Story of Atomium, A Brussels Gem That Almost Wasn't
The Persistence of Form in The Art Of Jiro Yoshihara
How Queer Artists Used Abstraction to Express Themselves
Shedding Light on the Drip Paintings by Janet Sobel
When Piero Manzoni Made Abstract Art with Achromes
Shedding a Light on Andy Warhol's Shadows
Richard Tuttle and his Thoughts of Trees
Howardena Pindell - Finally in the Spotlight
When Miriam Schapiro Used Computers to Generate Geometric Abstract Art
LA Art Scene Legend and "Cool School" Painter Ed Moses Dies at 91
Ellsworth Kelly’s Pavilion in Austin
Were the Neanderthals the Very First Creators of Abstract Cave Art?
MoMA Honors its Artists' Revolutions in “The Long Run”
Why Betty Parsons is My Hero
A Lost Andy Warhol Sculpture Tests the Value of Love
Erwin Redl Sheds Some Light on Madison Square Park
The Unreal Deal: Six Decades of Malaysian Abstract Art
Mary Weatherford’s Art Journey from the West to the East Coast
Nalini Malani: The Rebellion of the Dead at Centre Pompidou (Exhibition Review)
Painting with Scissors - Why We Love Henri Matisse Cut Outs
Boundless Energy - The Art of Julio Le Parc
The Abstract Landscapes of Franco Fontana
The Assembled Art of Barbara Kasten
The Infinite Art of Yayoi Kusama
Female Abstract Artists You Should Know
How Aaron Siskind Found Abstraction on the Streets
Owning the Greatness - Pierre Soulages
Bridget Riley and the Philosophy of Stripes
Cy Twombly in Paris (Exhibition Review)
Cubism of Sonia Delaunay and the Exploration of Color
Illusion and the Abstract in the Works of Jesus Rafael Soto
Gutai Group - Gestural Abstract Movement from Asia
Vibrancy and Energy in Joan Mitchell Paintings
Finding the Color-Field Heritage in Sterling Ruby Paintings
Mary Abbott - One of the Most Important Artists of Abstract Expressionism